The Story of Outback Trading Co.

For over 35 years the Outback Trading Company has been a leader in building exceptional outdoor adventure clothing and accessories. Their weather proven and time-tested Australian oil-skin and high-tech fabrics are perfect for travel, sports and work, in all kinds of weather conditions and climates. Whether you need an all-weather jacket, shirt or hat, Outback Trading Company has you covered.They have been creating well known, durable high performance clothes, hats and accessories since 1983. Now that’s quality you can count on in the roughest weather environments.

Outback Trading Company is committed to producing hard-wearing comfortable clothes for working lifestyles, as well as functional fashion clothing. Outback Trading has a style and fit for everyone. “In these vast moving days, when everything is price, price, price, we refuse to lower our standards, cheapen out quality of materials, or lower the expectations of the performance of our products. This is a commitment we make to our customers, our company and our products.” -Wilson King, Founder, Outback Trading Co. Ltd.

Over the past trading years the Outback Trading name has come to mean quality, fine Oilskin Apparel. Outback Trading use Genuine heavy duty 12oz Australian Oilskin (unless specified) and skilful craftsmanship in their own Fijian manufacturing facility. Developed over more than 3 decades we believe they offer the Best WaterProof Oilskin Apparel on the market for Working Lifestyles, Urban, Farming, Hunting, Contracting, Traditional Equestrian Pursuits and Casual Country Wear. Superior Materials and Workmanship, with Authentic Styles , Rugged Construction. Quality Oilskin Apparel that will endure the harshest weather conditions and will last the test of time.

Should You Require Any Outback Trading Items That Are Not Listed, Then Please Advise & We Will Order In For You. We Can Supply Their Full Product Range. 

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