Armed Forces, Tactical Green Laser Sight - 20mW

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Armed Forces, Tactical 5mw (300 Meters) Green Laser Sight With Mounts & 2 Switch Styles - Push Button & Pressure Switch! - 20mW

Adjustable Green Laser with Weaver mount.
You can mount the laser on the barrel and adjust the windage and elevation to get a precise look.
The beam is clearly visible at night or indoors with the laser.
It features Aluminium construction and comes with everything you need to mount on a scope or weaver mount and adjust the windage and elevation externally

It can be used with the pressure switch OR be constantly on with the included tail cap. Great for use on Rifle, handgun, Shotgun, paintball or airsoft...etc
Yes it can standup to the recoil of all guns (we have not tried it on a 50 cal but you have to ask your self do you really need it on a 50 cal)

Tactical Green Laser & Rail Mount System -
Weapons Mounted or Hand Held

The Armed Forces Tactical Green Laser System Features the Lithium Powered Tactical Green Laser Pointer.
Superior Cold Weather Performance and a Six (6) Hour Constant On Battery Life.
Includes On / Off Clicker Switch for Off Weapon Activation & Remote (6") Pressure Switch For Rifle / Pistol Mounting / Configuration.
Easy Insertion / Reinsertion of Unit into Laser Mount Assembly - No Tools Required!
Laser Mount Unit Includes Thumb Wheel Adjusters for Windage and Elevation.
Quick Release Rail Lever Provides Easy Attachment / Reattachment, Zero / ReZero.
Laser Mount Assembly For Best Results,
Combat Tested and Approved by US Army and Marine Corps units in Iraq and Afghanistan

  1. Green Laser sight with pressure switch and button switch 
  2. Windage and elevation adjustment
  3. High grade aluminum construction
  4. Includes remote pressure switch and cord
  5. Sharp image laser point
  6. Compact size 122mm x 30mm Diameter x 41mm with mount.
  7. Wavelength: 532nm
  8. Power 30mw
  9. Sightable Distance Up to 300 Meters! - Day
  10. Sightable Distance Up to 1km! - Night
  11. Special mount: "8"type mount 25.4 x 25.4mm
  12. Operated by 1 x 3V CR123A battery - INCLUDED
  • Length 122mm
  • Wavelength 532nm
  • Height 30mm 
  • Wattage 30mW
  • Weight 144g
  • Robust all aluminum body
  • Reaching distance Up to 300 meters - Day
  • Reaching distance Up to 1km - Night
  • Battery 3v CR123A - INCLUDED
  • Fits most rifles and handguns with Weaver rail 20mm or scope with a diameter of 25-30mm

* Green Laser sight
* Metal 20mm Rails Mount
* Switch button
* Pressure Pad Switch
* Rail Mount
* '8' Type Mount
* 2 x Allen Keys
* 1 x CR123A 3V Lithium Battery
* Instructions
* Velcro Mounting Tape
* Gift Box Packaging

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