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Steve Beere


Steve was a padi dive instructor in his early 20s with Hawkes Bay Dive centre. After that Steve spent 20 years in the hospitality industry where he ran a number of top Restaurants finishing up with owning a Restaurant before coming back to the Hunting a fishing industry. Steve is enjoying getting back to some of his hobbies, trying to get as much time as he can to fish, dive and hunt. Favourite Brands: Okuma, Leopold, Bushnell

Ruth Beere

Admin / Owner

Ruth grew up on a farm in the Wairarapa where most weekends where spent at the beach at Cape Palliser where her father dived, on bush walks and hunting with her father creating a true enjoyment of the outdoors. Since moving to the Bay Ruth has been a chef for the past 15 years so enjoys being amongst people that share her passion for the outdoors. Favourite Brands: Stoney Creek, Hunters Element, Okuma

Davy Bloomfield


Davy has been in the Hunting and Fishing industry for 15 years on the retail side but has enjoyed recreational hunting and fishing from childhood. Davy has had history as a fly fishing guide in Hawkes Bay and Rotorua. Davy has also had the diversification of having experience in both Hunting and fishing in New Zealand and in Europe. Favourite Brands:Stoney Creek, Browning, Hornday, Lyman

Varnnah Smith

Shop Assistant

Varnnah is a keen hunter, who started at the age of 7 with her Stepfather who is the President of the Wairarapa Deerstalkers club, and her Mother who is the Vice President of the Deerstalkers Club. Varnnah is a keen pig hunter and goes out every chance she gets and enjoys Duck shooting season Experience in Hunting and also shooting Compitions winning Senior F Class, Womens Aggreate and womens centrefire. Favourite Brands Stoney Creek, Hunter Element, Leupold

Kane Wrigglesworth

Fishing Specialist

Kane has been a keen fisherman from a young age, and has 20 years experience in the industry, with experience fishing most of the coastline in the North Island. Kane is known locally and nationally for his experience in everything that is Surfcasting, Kane is currently Local and National Surfcasting Champion and holds several National Records Kane has had articles published in New Zealand Fishing News Favourite Brands Okuma, Breakaway Tackle, Gamakatsu Hooks.


The crafty’s team has years of experience and knowledge when it comes to all things outdoors.

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