Yakima Bait Wordens WINNER Buoyant Drift Bobber


Color: Red Chartruese Tiger RCT
Sale price$6.99


Yakima Bait, ‘Wordens’s WINNER’ Buoyant Drift Bobbers – on 2 colours now available -RED or FLAME TIGER

GENUINE Yakima Bait Company Product From The USA

SOLD in Packets of 3 pieces of 1 Colour

Multi-specie bullet shaped design.

Floats hook or bait of bottom.

Great for casting, drifting, trolling, backtrolling and plunking.

Available in 4 colours and Size is ’0'.


  • Size #0
  • Body Length 35mm
  • 2 Colours
  • Blue Glow Flame Tiger BGFT
  • Red Chartruese Tiger RCT

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