Victorinox Swiss Army 'CLIMBER' 14 Function Pocket Knife - Choice of 4 Colour Options

VictorinoxSKU: VP137033

Color: Black
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Welcome to the world of the Officer's knife.
This is where the legend of the Swiss Army Knife began.
And it continues today with the Victorinox Swiss Army 'Climber' Pocket Knife.
Its 14 functions are as sharp, strong and intuitive as you need them to be.
So no matter if you're climbing up the corporate ladder or a class 5 crag, the Climber is with you all the way to the top.

Small enough to store in your pocket, this Victorinox Climber Swiss Army Knife is ideal for camping and features everything from blades and a can opener to tweezers and a cap lifter - virtually everything you could possibly need to take on the wild.
The work horse of Swiss Army knives - scissors, large blade, small blade, corkscrew, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with screwdriver and wire stripper, reamer/punch, key ring, tweezers and toothpick.

Whether a climbing or a trekking expedition: the Climber helps you to get further

  • Large blade
  • Small blade
  • Corkscrew
  • Can opener
  • Small screwdriver (3mm)
  • Cap lifter
  • Screwdriver (6mm)
  • Wire stripper
  • Reamer
  • Key ring
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Scissors
  • Multi-purpose hook
  • Size
    - Length 91 mm
    - Width 27 mm
    - Height 18 mm
  • Weight Net 82 grams

 Classic pocket knife that will serve you good and for a long time.
A necessity for any outdoor activities, but comes in handy at home or work.
Overall quality will prove the reputation that Victorinox has.
Scissors are reliable. Blades are sharp and durable.
Has all the openers that work just fine.
All the features in a not so bulky package.
The hook turns out to be a really helpful tool.

◦ A compact multi tool, ideal for some rugged outdoor activities
◦ Essential implements are there to maximise the usefulness but bulkiness is minimised
◦ You get both large and small blades, a corkscrew, cap lifter, screwdriver, wire stripper
◦ It comes with a key ring inox, tweezers, reamer, toothpick, multi-purpose parcel/hook carrier and scissors

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