VARTA AA Alkaline Long Life Battery - Pkt/4


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Perfect for Powerful energy / power-hungry devices, e.g. computer devices, audio equipments, toys etc.

You will always get excellent power and reliability from your devices with the VARTA Long Life Alkaline AA Batteries. That is because these batteries have been manufactured in Germany to provide you with lots of power and outstanding reliability.

Each battery has a 10 year shelf life, so you will always have a battery on hand whenever you need it. These VARTA batteries are the ideal battery for use in trail Cameras (Moultrie) remotes, cameras, radios and much more and they have a 1.5V voltage.

The Varta Longlife Power Alkaline AA batteries (previously called High Energy) are also known as MN1500 or LR6.
Exactly the same great performing batteries with a new jacket.

Varta Alkaline Power batteries made in Germany, deliver long lasting power and value.

  • Ultra High Capacity - Long Lasting Power
  • Environmental Friendly
  • AA LR6 - 4906
  • 1.5 Volt
  • Diameter; 14.5mm
  • Height; 50.5mm
  • Weight; 23.8 grams
  • Electrochemical System Primary Alkaline Manganese (ZN/MNO2)
  • Premium energy for all your personal appliances
  • Alkaline battery for everyday use
  • Powerful enough to be used in almost all compatible electrical devices
  • 4 Batteries
  • Guaranteed Storage / Shelf time of 10 years


  1. Anti-Leak Protection preventing damage to appliances,
  2. Triple Tough Coating for greater reliability
  3. Extra Power Formula to maintain power for longer.


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