V-Grip™ Handlebar / Universal Tubular Single Grip Rack Kit

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 Single Fin Grip® Pro HandleBar Rifle Racks Single Item', this is the NEW alternative.

ATV Tek - UTV Tek brings us the V-Grip™ Single Kit, with Variable Fit Technology providing a customized fit for guns, guns in a soft case and bows.
All rack adjustments can be made in the field without tools.
The specialized Bow Limb Slot holds bow stable and is compatible with modern parallel limb designs.

A true custom fit for your gun, soft gun case, bow, handled tool, or any other item using the highly engineered, gun, bow, and utility slots in the V-Grip™ line of products.

The new and improved tubular and composite rack mounting system offers effortless installation, unmatched versatility, and a rock solid mounting base. Finger adjustable knobs allow for quick, tool-free adjustments while on the trail.

V-Grip design isolates recoil and vibration. This protects your valuable gear while heading out in the field. The V-shape conforms to whatever is placed in the rack. Made with the highest quality materials and workmanship. The V-Grip™ Handlebar mount works with handlebars and all round tube racks up to 1" in diameter. Each V-Grip™ Handlebar comes with (2) forks, (2) mounting bases, (2) rubber snubbers, and all necessary hardware.

  • New and improved tubular and composite rack mounting system
  • Customised fit for guns, guns in a soft case and bows
  • Mounts to handle bars or up to 1" Tubes
  • Gun or bow is closer for quick access
  • Bow Limb Slot holds bow stable
  • Compatible with modern parallel limbs
  • Low-profile mounting base
  • Air TEK suspension isolates shock and vibration to protect your gear
  • Rack adjustments are easy to make without tools
  • Available in single, double and rack / handlebar mounts, (this is the single mount kit)
  • Rubber replacement straps included

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