Unisex Protective Plus Socks

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A heavier weight sock offering fuller protection, ideal for the outdoors or those requiring more cushioning. Lifesocks™ represents a whole new level of quality and comfort. Developed through years of research into podiatry health and made to the highest standard using natural and technically advanced fibres. This is the premium sock choice, promoting healthy circulation - ideal for diabetics, frequent flyers or general well being. 

  1. Knitted in heavy weight yarn for warmth, softness and durability.
  2. Non restrictive, high stretch double layer cuff for zero compression during wear.
  3. Nylon plating knitted to the exterior in high friction area's to ensure durability.
  4. Mesh knitted throughout the foot for breathability and to aid in moisture management.
  5. Anatomically shaped loop pile cushioning, strategically placed to compliment the contours of your feet for optimal comfort.
  6. Left & Right specific for advanced fit.
  7.  Unique double density U-shaped cushioning to the top of the foot. Designed to protect the Dorsalis Pedis artery, helping to make sure blood flow is maintained to the foot. 

Made from:

    • 57% Wool
    • 28% Nylon
    • 9% Lycra
    • 6% Spandex

    Made in New Zealand

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