UFO® (Universal Food Oven) COLD Smoker Creator™ MK5 Model

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Designed to produce cold smoke and can be fitted to any smoking box, shed, old fridge, hooded BBQ, and of course one of our UFO cookers or smoke boxes.

No One Ever Regretted Buying Quality 
Smoking as a way of preserving fish has been around for eons, and today there are many devices to enhance and simplify this age-old process.
Combine an inventive mind with an engineering background, also adding in a love of the outdoors and cooking the catch, and you have a recipe for some great products - UFO (Universal Food Oven).

Now you can cold smoke all your foods, like cheese, eggs, garlic, make your own bacon and of course all your fish and meats as well.
Turn any smoke holding device into the ultimate smoker - COLD Smoke
Everything included to get you started cold smoking with your smoker immediately.
The UFO Cold Smoke Creator MUST be used with smoking CHIP, not dust.

The degree of smoked flavour you want depends on how long you leave the Cold Smoke Generator on for and / or what setting the air pump is on.
The smaller the amount of air available, the longer the chips last, but the less smoke it generates.

Package Contents
  • Smoke Generator

  • Pump

  • Connection Hose

  • Drill Bit


  • Manufactures Out of Quality STAINLESS STEEL
  • Riveted & Spot Welded
  • Twin Rack System (for quantity)
  • Large Size 400mm Wide x 600mm Long & 220mm High
  • Breathing Holes In Lid


NOTE; This Video Demonstrates The Original Mark 1 Version - NOW Upgraded to the MK5 Version!

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