Stoney Creek STC Jandals - NZ Sizing 6 to 14

Stoney CreekSKU: 9107MBN06

Size: NZ 6 / UK 7 / EURO #39
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From Stoney Creek's 'Lifestyle' division comes these High Quality, Stylish Jandals.

Other than your boots, what's your 'go-to' second pair of footwear that you always pack for around the hut or campsite?

Represent your Stoney Creek style all summer long.

Comfortable, stylish and built-tough to last. - Sizing NZ 6 to 14
Head into the warmer weather in style with the STC Jandals.
Built with genuine full grain leather straps (with foam padding for added comfort), a genuine leather insole and a 4 layer sole that provides strength, comfort, durability and stability.
So jump in the boat, hit the dunes and cruise down to your local in the trusty STC Jandals.
Durable and perfect for those hot summer days.

  • Genuine Full Grain Leather Insole
  • Straps - Genuine Full Grain Leather, with foam padding on the underside for enhanced comfort
  • Durable 4 layer sole
  • Created for strength, comfort, stability and durability
  • 1 Colour option BROWN
  • NZ Sizing 6 to 14
  • Stoney Creek Code LFM-9107-MBN

- Jandal, Flip Flop, Thong -
NZ term. UK / US call them 'Flip Flops', Australians use the term "thong"... but that's just wrong!!

After a japanese swimming team came to NZ (many decades ago), one observer was so impressed with the Kiwi style of footwear that he began making them himself - he came up with the word "Jandal" as an abbreviation of the term "Japanese Sandal".
A light sandal with a thong between the big and second toe; a flip-flop.
'Jandal' Trademark NZ, a type of sandal with a strip of material between the big toe and the other toes and over the foot.

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