SportEAR X-Pro Series Ear Plugs - Passive Ear Protection

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Protect your Hearing
Earplugs are essential for hearing protection.
Typical earplugs protect your hearing, yes, but they can be a hassle.
Sometimes you need to hear and they block too much, so you have to take them out.
They’re small and easily lost.
They get deformed easily, they are hardly ever comfortable, and they seem to fall out more than they stay in your ear.
Forget this and purchase a pair of SportEAR X-PRO Earplugs.

Simply insert these little ear plugs in your ears then decide which mode you want to be in:
- First, push the button in to open the valve - you’ll hear sound clearly and naturally - almost seems as if your ears aren’t even plugged.
Then when loud sounds hit your ears, the Dynamic Sound Valve™ will automatically screen those sounds out protecting your hearing.
- Second, simply close the valve by pushing in again for total hearing protection.
These are small, handy and can go anywhere with you, so you always have hearing protection when you need it without blocking off all your hearing.

Perfect for Outdoor and Indoor Activities of All Types, Snoring, Sleeping, Fitness, Cycling, Snowmobiling, Stadium Events, Tactical, Auto Racing, Shooting, Hunting, Concerts, Musicians, Night Clubs, Industrial, Construction, Motorcycling, General Conversation, TV and more.

When the button is slightly loose and wobbly, you know it’s in the Open position, plus you can hear more normal sounds coming through.
When the button is stiff, you know it’s in the Closed position, plus your hearing is fully shut off.

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