Slingshot By Man Kung Archery Manufacturer of Taiwan - MK-T11

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This slingshot from Man Kung Model MK-T11 is made of high-quality materials and will allow you to enjoy shooting in full.
An anatomical grip allows you to hold the slingshot more steadily and thereby shoot more accurately.
Ideal Slingshot for the introduction into target shooting.
The MK-T11 has a solid steel frame for strength and durability with an extra wide fork (8cm) for easier aim and less rubber damage.
Fitted with a replaceable Quality Surgical Latext Band for durability.
The moulded sure-grip handle fits your hand like a glove and gives you better control.
These will easily slip into your pocket for ease of transportation.

##  Never Draw The Sling Back To Your Eye  ##

  • Pocket Slingshot
  • Moulded sure-grip handle
  • Shoots 3/8" Steel Ammo
  • Solid steel frame
  • Sure Grip Handle
  • Extra-wide fork 8cm
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Durable leather release pouch
  • Surgical Latex Rubber Bow String

##  We do not recommend the use of stones as they can cut the rubber  ##

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