Shepherds Steel Knife Sharpener, With Ring & Bar - Barsteel - Quality UK Made!


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Made in Sheffield - United Kingdom By Egginton - No One Ever Regretted Purchasing QUALITY

Keeping your hunting and fishing knives sharp is easy if you sharpen them often on this Egginton Shepherds Sharpening Steel.
Even the best knife will lose its initial sharpness during the course of time Egginton Knife Sharpeners will make even this task seem easy.
This traditional Shepherd Steel will rapidly restore the edge on a blunt knife.
The Shepherd’s Sharpening Steel is made in Britain’s Cutlery City Sheffield by Egginton Brothers from a special High Carbon Chrome Vanadium Steel selected for its hardenability and toughness.
A Professional grade, high quality sharpener for a wide range of uses including fishing, hunting, home kills, and in the meat and food processing industries.
Following machining each Steel is hardened throughout to a nominal hardness of Rockwell 65 C which is hard enough to cut steel and resist wear without being brittle.
After hardening the Shepherd Steels are hard chrome plated to resist corrosion and to reduce friction.
Each steel is also magnetised to retain any metal particles resulting from knife sharpening.
This Shepherds Sharpening Steel with ring and bar restores maximum sharpness to your knives in just seconds.

  • Rod Material: High Carbon Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Cut: Helical Cut H
  • Sharpening Rod Length: 140 mm
  • Overall Length: 190 mm
  • Thickness: 11 mm
  • Finish: Hard Chrome Plated
  • Handle: None – Ring and Cross Bar
  • Weight: 135 grams
  • Origin: UK

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