Sea Striker Rigged 6" Natural Cedar JET HEAD J850R , GENUINE ‘Original’ Trolling

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All of the fish catching features of the “original” Cedar Plug.

The jet flow head makes an irresistible bubble trail.

Sea Striker J850R Cedar Jet Rig is rigged with 8 feet of 130# monofilament leader, a plastic thimble, & a 10/0 Mustad hook.

Sea Striker Cedar Plugs are an excellent trolling lure for Tuna as well as Wahoo & Billfish.

Trolled behind a boat, Cedar Plugs ‘Dart Frantically’ back & forth like a distressed bait fish.

The JET FLOW HEAD Cedar Plugs also create an irresitible bubble trail while darting back & forth, the ultimate trolling lure.

Pulling these lures at a speed of 6 to 9 knots will produce this fish striking action.

Weighted lead head to enhance performance while travelling through the water.

Sea Striker Cedar Plugs are the #1 tuna fish lure in the world & have gained an immense following around the world & now we have a chance to use these rugged lures in New Zealand

Made of the highest quality red cedar, this lure is great for all gamefish, feisty fish, yellowfin tuna, kingfish, albacore, skipjack tuna & kahawai.


  • 6"
  • Rigged
  • 150lb Mono
  • Hook Mustard 10/0
  • Materials: Lead & Cedar wood
  • Natural

An Absolute Must For Every Lurekit On Every Boat

The Cedar plug is never going to win the pretty contest, but who cares, it catches fish. It catches fish day in and day out. While there may be something that will catch more fish on any given day, overall the cedar plug has earned its place in the spread due to consistently putting fish in the boat.

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