Salvimar React Fins

Size: 38/39
Sale price$199.89


The Salvimar React Spearfishing Fins offer the technical background of a leading manufacturer without the premium price.

They have removable P.P. blades which makes swapping out blades and foot pockets super easy. Also, the low modular polypropylene blade is set at a 17 degree angle using a ribs connection system.

Furthermore, you’ll get better forward propulsion and manoeuvrability in the water through Salvimar’s channelling systems along the length of the blade. As a result, this promotes the movement of water from the foot pocket to the blade tip and provide stability. Not only will this allow you to go further with each kick, you will also experience less fatigue.

This also supports your kicking technique, even if you are new to the sports of freediving and/or spearfishing.

Lastly, the construction of the foot pockets is with thermoplastic at varying thicknesses. Because of this, the comfort of your dive improves, also with the inclusion of an Ergo Heel.

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