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The Salvimar Pulse 28mm barrel is made from a special aeronautical aluminium alloy for lightweight but high strength & unparalleled performance. It comes rigged with a 6.5mm stainless steel spear and single 14mm loop rubber with an easily replaceable Dyneema wishbone.

The nylon handle is a lesson in ergonomics, the curved profile and pads follow the structure of the human hand give a superior comfort especially during the uptake phase of the recoil.

It features a reverse mech meaning that the spear engages behind the trigger allowing an extra 5 or so centimeters of rubber pull without increasing the overall length of the gun and it has a steel line release. Features - Light weight Alloy barrel with rail - Reverse Mech - Dyneema wishbone - 6.5mm Stainless steel ballpoint tip spear

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