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Tested and proven as the perfect lubricant spray after washing down.
The Salt-Away Pro EPT Spray Lubricant will lubricate and protect your fishing rods and reels, completely safe on all monofilament and braid lines.
Spray on all engine components and lubrication points i.e. throttle linkages, steering cables, electronic switches and wiring.
Keeps your engine looking like new, inside and out.
Kills salt corrosion.
Will not harm engine decal.

Has been tested and proven by Shane and the team at Wholesale Marine Direct as the perfect lubricant spray after washing down with Salt-Away.


  • Marine and water sports equipment
  • Cars, trucks, motor cycles and Bicycles
  • Guns and Rifles and military equipment
  • Remote control hobby equipment
  • Mechanical equipment repair
  • Precision equipment & Controls
  • Safes tumblers and locks
  • Suitable for use anywhere lubrication and protection are necessary.
  • Just about anything that requires the below features.
  • Anti-Corrosion
  • Anti-Wear
  • Anti Moisture
  • Residual Lubrication    
  • Rapid Penetration
  • Perfect for use after washing down fishing rods and reels
  • Safe on all monofilament and braid lines
  • Ideal for engine components and lubrication points
  • Will not harm engine decals
  • Kills salt corrosion
  • 300 gram Aerosol Can

Angiomoil Salt - Away PRO E.P.T. has been formulated with the latest PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and polymer technology, along with premium antiwear, anti-corrosion and moisturedisplacing additives, to produce an industrial-grade penetrant and lubricant.

PRO E.P.T. (Enhanced Polymer Technology) offers extreme performance that is applicable to the marine environment where its residual lubrication and rapid penetration help in the battle against corrosion.
It is suitable for use anywhere lubrication and protection are necessary.
It can be safely used on fishing reels, as it won’t affect braid or monofilament lines.

PRO E.P.T spray lubricant possesses higher load carrying capabilities, extended extreme pressure properties, high film strength and phenomenal residual lubrication.

Provides superior anti-corrosion, anti-wear, anti-moisture, residual lubrication and rapid penetration.

  • Mechanical equipment repair
  • Marine & water sports equipment
  • Plastic tooling ejector pins
  • Slides tracks & trailer curtains
  • Shearing hand pieces etc
  • Precision equipment & controls
  • Splines, cables, chains & slides
  • Cars Trucks and motor cycles
  • Guns rifles & military equipment
  • Threads, tapping and drilling
  • Remote control hobby equipment
  • Safe tumblers and locks
  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Bearings & bushes

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