Salt-Away Corrosion Control , Salt Removing Treatment 4 Sizes.

Size: 118ml - Ready to Use
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Keep your boat, car, brakes, tackle (or whatever) rust-free and away from corrosion. Spray on the Salt-Away solution and it will immediately dissolve any soluble (salt) contaminant.

Flow (run-off) caused by gravity is required to remove salt. As flow begins, ingredients in the product will not allow the contaminants in their dissolved state to attach to the surface, and a “sheeting” effect is created allowing the flow to carry the contaminants all the way off the equipment.

In areas that stay wetter longer and are primarily inaccessible or where salt is trapped, the corrosion inhibitors in the product will keep equipment from rusting and corroding from the inside-out.

Salt Away is made of mild surface active agents that inhibit rust and block corrosion.
From wetsuits to boat circuit boards and even for non-marine applications, regular use of the Salt-Away prevents and removes build-up on your items and it leaves a protective coating. This ensures that your items stay safe and free of salt water and rust corrosion.

BEST VALUE FOR MONEY - Salt-Away Concentrate
Mix Salt-Away Concentrate with Water at up to 512 parts to 1.
1 litre of concentrate makes 512 litres.
40-60mls of Salt-Away is all you need to flush an engine up to 90hp plus clean your boat, trailer and fishing gear. (60-80mls is recommended for engines over 90hp).
- 946ml - CONCENTRATE, makes up to 480 Litres of Ready to Spray
- 3.79-litre of concentrate makes nearly 2,000 liters!
The Salt-Away Concentrate is a smart choice for convenient corrosion-control maintenance of all your equipment.

Completely safe on all metals
This includes magnesium alloy, rubber and plastics, unlike other salt removal products.
Plus, it's recommended by leading Engine Manufacturers and is used by Emirates Team NZ, Royal NZ Navy, NZ Coastguard and NATO.

  • Fishing rods, reels, line, guides, tackle
  • Optical instruments
  • Monofilament line, spectra. Leaves no scent in water
  • Printed circuit boards, Meter Housings
  • Diving regulator, buoyancy compensator, goggles
  • Gauge & meter housings
  • Diving bag, snaps, zippers
  • Water-safe switches
  • Safe for all brands of reels, rods and line.
  •  Life vests, wet suits, boots 
  • For marine and non-marine applications
  • Safe for steel, iron, aluminium, fibreglass, nylon, plastic, glass, leather, rubber and canvas
  • No need to rinse
  • Prevents build up on line
  • Can also be used in other marine and non-marine applications where a mild salt remover is required on small objects.
  • 100% Non-toxic / Non-hazardous
  • Environmentally safe
  • Removes all traces of salt
  • Speeds up your cleaning time by at least 50%
  • Recommended by leading Engine Manufacturers and is used by Emirates Team NZ, Royal NZ Navy, NZ Coastguard and NATO


  • 118ml Pump Spray Bottle - READY to Use
  • 472ml Spray Bottle - READY to Use
  • 946ml - CONCENTRATE, (mix with water) makes up to 480 Litres of Ready to Spray
  • 3.79 Ltr - CONCENTRATE, (mix with water) makes almost 2,000 Litres of Ready to Spray!


  • Water-based, highly concentrated and must be diluted
  • Mixes at up to 512 Parts of Water to 1 Part Concentrate

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