Saft 14500 - 3.6v Lithium Battery 2700mAh

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Saft 14500- 3.6v Lithium Battery 2700mAh - Authorised Reseller

The LS14500 3.6 volt "AA" size lithium-thionyl chloride battery (Li-SOCl2) is used in many applications such as alarm / security systems, computer / memory backup, GPS, Dog Trackers, utility metering, professional electronic equipment etc.
These batteries are designed for long term use (3-20 years).


- Enhanced capacity
- High voltage response, stable during most of the lifetime of the application
- Wide operating temperature range (-60°C/+85°C)
- Low self-discharge rate (less than 1 % after 1 year of storage at +20°C)
- Easy integration into compact systems
- Superior resistance to atmospheric corrosion


Utility metering
Automatic meter reading   Alarms and security devices
Tollgate systems Memory back-up Automotive electronics
Professional electronics

Tracking systems -Dog Tracking; GPS

  • Next Generation LS Batteries unifying LS14500
  • 3.6 V Primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2)
  • 2700mAh
  • Nominal Current 2mA
  • Maximum Continuous Discharge Current 70mA
  • High energy density
  • AA-size bobbin cell
  • Non-flammable inorganic electrolyte
  • 10 year shelf life if stored at room temperature
  • Excellent reliability over extended operating life
  • Saft LS14500 is also known as a 3.6V CR14500 
  • Stainless steel container and end caps (low magnetic signature)
  • Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing
  • Non-flammable electrolyte
  • Compliant with IEC 60086-4 safety standard and IEC 60079-11 intrinsic safety standard (class T3 assignment)
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Component Recognition
  • Non-restricted for transport / Non-assigned to Class 9 according to the UN Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods – Model Regulations
  • Manufactured in France, UK, and China


- Diameter (max) 14.55 mm (0.57 in)
- Height (max) 50.3 mm (1.98 in)
- Typical weight 16.7 g (~ 0.6 oz)
- Operating Temperature Range –60°C ...+85 °C
- Li metal content approx. 0.7 g

Suitable for:
- Lithium Cells, Panasonic ES-8101, Panasonic ES-8249, Panasonic ES-LA93, Panasonic ES-LF51,
Panasonic ES-LT31, Panasonic ES-LT71, Panasonic ES-LV61, Panasonic ES-LV81, Panasonic ES-RF31,
Panasonic ES-RF41, Panasonic ES-RT51S, Philips Aquatouch AT750, Philips Aquatouch AT890,
Philips Norelco RQ1050, Philips Norelco RQ1050X, Philips Norelco RQ1053, Philips Norelco RQ1060


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