RSO 12v 14ah VRSLA Kontiki battery (12v 14AH/20HR)

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Kontiki GT 12 Volt 14 Amp AGM VRSLA Battery (12V 14AH / 20HR)

– Buy Direct From The NZ Distributor – CRAFTYS RODS & GUNS

Manufactured by 1 of China’s most respected & large battery manufacturer’s comes these High Quality ‘RSO’ branded batteries.

Quality Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid (VRSLA) Technology battery, with Kontiki Lead Connectivity!

AGM / VRSLA Technology will give Superior Performance & durability over a standard SLA Battery.

Kontiki lead is manufactured & assembled at the battery manufacturer’s factory, then SOLDERED on to the battery terminals, then Salt Water Insulation proofing / protection is applied for rust / failure protection.

These batteries & fittings are compatible with the SeaHorse Kontiki-GT (& other brands)

With an up to 10 years design life, these batteries comply to the most popular international standards, such as ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18000, CE and UL Standards.

Guaranteed replacement / fitment battery to Kontiki’s that have the standard 2 pin connector.

AGM, VRSLA Batteries will never leak if inverted, & will continue to operate even under water.


• 12V 14A/H Long Life Battery – Also Have 9A/H & 8A/H Versions Available
• Sealed Lead Acid Battery
• Maintenance Free
• Leak Spill Proof
• Low Self Discharge Rate
• Usable In Any Position
• Rugged Design
• Safety Valve Regulated
• Fits other models & brands
• 151mm (L) x 98mm (W) x 94mm (H) (measurements +-1mm)
• Total Height 101 +-2mm
• Weight 3.25kg
• Rated Capacity – 14AH, (20hr, 1.70v/cell, 25°C
• Self Discharge
– 3 Months 91% Remaining Capacity
– 6 Months 82% Remaining Capacity
– 12 Months 65% Remaining Capacity

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