RED Filter to Fit HunterCoNZ's 810 Lumen, Buffalo River 540 Lumen Rechargeable Spotlight

HunterCoSKU: 5JGT61R

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Fits our 810 Lumen 10 Watt Rechargeable Spotlight
Clip over Red Filter
130mm Diameter

Tailor your beam pattern in seconds with this easy to install clip on RED filter.
Made of ultra strong polycarbonate they are virtually indestructible under any impact!
Red filter is a must for successful spotlighting
Quickly attaches and detaches by simply clipping onto the front of the reflector housing to suit operating conditions.

  • Gives lamps red filter to reduce glare and minimize spooking of wary prey
  • Note that using a filter does reduce light range by about 30%
  • FITS; 
    • Buffalo River 540 Lumen Rechargeable Spotlight
    • HunterCoNZ's 810 Lumen Rechargeable Spotlight

RED - Most popular for night spotting of animals. Decreased visible light signature

The red filter preserves your own night vision. Incidentally, Rabbits happen to be colour blind, so the red filter over the lense allows you to shine the light directly on them and they will be totally oblivious to it where a white light would make them run in most instances.

Deer and Possums share a weakness Colour spectrum so the red filter over the lense

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