Pistol Crossbow String For Man Kung XB52S Model

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Replacement XB52S String for  Man Kung of Taiwan 185lb Pistol Crossbow.
Manufactured with high-quality polyester fibre.

Includes 1 Genuine Man Kung polyester fibre replacement string for XB52 model 185lb pistol crossbow and are the higher grade Man Kung Manufacturer of Taiwan and not the inferior China made knock-offs!!

To extend the life of your string, never "dry fire" your crossbow.
Always have an arrow loaded when you shoot.
Repeated dry firing will quickly wear out your string.
Never use frayed string as it may break when you are cocking your bow.
Damage to crossbow and / or injury to user could occur.

If string becomes frayed, immediately replace with new string. Even under proper use, your pistol crossbow string will eventually need replacing. Keep spares available for replacement.

NOTE: These Crossbow Strings are Original MAN KUNG Mfg. of Taiwan and are better grade strings and they ARE NOT the low quality China made generics found elsewhere.
REAL Man Kung Strings are getting really hard to find, due to everybody pushing the low-cost China copies!
- The Real Man Kung Strings, WILL look exactly like the picture above and will say made in Taiwan. The copies, obviously say CHINA!

  • Overall Length: 52 Inches
  • Quantity: 1 polyester fiber string
  • Material: Polyester fiber
  • MFG: Man Kung (Taiwan)

When Highest Quality of Value at the Lowest Price has to be the One - Make it a Man Kung!

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