Oilskin Unisex Wool Lined Mittens - 1 Size Fits All

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Outback Trading Company offers class and style in these oilskin mittens.

These Mittens are made out of 100% Australian Quality 12oz WaterProof Oilskin Fabric and Wool Fleece Lined for Warmth and Comfort

Outback Trading Company Through CRAFTYS offers these 100% WaterProof Oilskin, Wool Fleece Lined Mittens


  • 100% 12oz Australian Oilskin
  • 100% WaterProof
  • Wool Fleece Lined for Comfort & Warmth
  • Sleeve Domed for Clipping Together for Storage / Hanging
  • Outback Trading Leather Logo
  • Natural finish kin has slight variations in colour and texture for a vintage, preworn look
  • One Size Fits All

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