Moultrie Power 'Y' Splitter

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Moultrie Power 'Y' Splitter - Power 2 Moultrie Products From 1 Source! - e.g. Run 2 Cameras!

There’s no longer a need for batteries or multiple sets of solar panels or battery boxes for your 12 volt Moultrie products.

The Y-Splitter has a 2-foot-long weather resistant shielded wire that connects to either a Moultrie Battery Box or a Moultrie Solar Panel and to 2 Moultrie Devices to give extended battery life in the field.
Great for deer feeder and hog light, or Moultrie camera and modem.

When running 2 Moultrie devices in 1 location – you can power them both from one source with the Power Y-Splitter. For instance this 2-foot, weather-resistant cable will connect 2 Moultrie Game Cameras to 1 Solar PowerPanel, Battery Box or 230v house electrics (230v requires the Moultrie 230v Power Pack).

FEATURES -Powers 2 Moultrie devices at once

  • 2-foot in length
  • Weather resistant shielded wire
  • Works with Moultrie solar panel, battery box or 230v Hosehold Power Pack
  • Power two Moultrie devises for longer lasting battery in the field
  • No longer a need for batteries or multiple sets of solar panels or battery boxes
  • Allows you to power 2 x 12v Moultrie Products all at once from an external battery, solar charger or power pack
  • Power 2 from 1 power source


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