MaxToch Remote Pressure Switch


Style: 2x shooter/sword/m1
Sale price$49.99


Control your torch from anywhere by simply attaching one end of the switch to the flashlight's tail cap, and placing the other end wherever it is most convenient for you to operate.

Multi-function remote pressure switch to fit Maxtoch Models;

X Pro Hunter

2x Shooter


M1 Archer

Sniper M24


HawkSight A75 IR


  • The constant-on switch (circular button) is on the remote pressure pad, so no need to reach for the tail-cap of the flashlight to access constant-on
  • Provides multiple outputs and tactical momentary-on function. The constant-on switch (circular button) also provides access to High-Mid-Low modes and strobe
  • Signal controlled switch means no loss of efficiency. With many other remote switches the power efficiency is affected, which shortens the run time
  • Super low standby mode (current 3uA) consumes almost zero battery life
  • Easy operation
  • INCLUDED Velcro cushion for quick attaching


1. High quality resilient PU material
2. 100,000 clicks life cycle
3. Waterproof to IPX-8 standard
4. Diameter of tail: 25mm. Length of tail: 40mm
5. Length of curly wire: 23cm. Whole length of remote pressure switch: 46mm
6. Weight: 42g
7. Size: 25mm x 27mm (diameter x length)
8. Waterproof to IPX-8 standard

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