MasterLock Padlock - Excell 50x38x8mm - Security Rated 'ULTIMATE'

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Master Lock is recognised around the world as the toughest brand of padlocks and security products.
Excell series is suited for Professional use as they have a Security Rating of 'Ultimate'.
Perfect Gun Security.

Master Lock use the toughest boron alloy material and cutting edge technology, registering over 40 patents, to create the Excell padlock.
Giving Superior Strength and Durability.
A truly high security padlock that is 50% stronger than a standard padlock.
Laminated steel core with steel plate construction, covered padlocks have a weather resistant brass and zinc cover, to protect the lock even in extremely bad weather conditions.
With the added Weather Tough™ Thermoplastic Casing this padlock has greater protection against any harsh environment and the ultimate rust resistance, Marine Corrosive Protection.
Octagonal Boron Carbide Shackle for maximum cut resistance, harder to grip with bolt cutters.
Boron Carbide is 50% harder to cut than traditional hardened steel, delivering the Ultimate in protection against cutting.
With a total of 4 Keys, you just cannot get any better security for the price!


Protect your Gun!

Also Ideal for securing factory fences, sheds or store front gates.

  • Laminated steel core for greater strength and durability.
  • Exclusive Octagonal Boron Carbide shackle for maximum cut resistance (50% harder to cut than hardened steel).
  • ƒƒPatented octagonal shackle is harder to grip by bolt cutters.
  • Stainless Steel and Zinc outer for weather resistance
  • Weather Tough® thermoplastic casing protects against extreme weather conditions.
  • Dual Professional Grade ball bearing locking mechanism for maximum pull strength and pry resistance
  • 5-pin cylinder for maximum pick resistance
  • Tough Under Fire Conditions.
  • 4 Keys
  • Suitable for professional use

Master Lock is revolutionizing the padlock category with the introduction of the Excell® family of padlocks, delivering unprecedented security.
The use of high-end materials combined with advanced manufacturing processes and mechanical design features yield a padlock that delivers the highest levels of security available.
Offering the maximum in strength, weather protection, and versatility, it’s easy to see why Excell® is the #1 choice of professionals.

  • Security Rating 'ULTIMATE
  • Ultimate Cut Resistant
  • Marine Corrosive Resistant
  • Ultimate Weather Resistant
  • Laminated Steel for Strength
  • Shackle Diameter 8mm
  • Shackle Clearance 38mm
  • Width 50mm
  • Height 95mm
  • Colour Blue
  • Model Excell
  • Suppliers Code M516DLFAU
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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