Magic Slingshot MK-SL06/BK By Taiwanese Archery Manufacturer Man Kung

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The Man Kung Magic Slingshot is made in the form of the pistol grip with a wrist rest for more accurate shooting.

A side sight is installed on the slingshot for ultimate aiming.
Made from tempered steel bar, with a replaceable High Quality Elastic Rubber
Band for durability.
Along with a durable leather ammo release pouch, this Slingshot is designed to
give hours of fun.
The handle is executed with lateral finning to reduce slipping of the hand during shooting.
The handle acts as a storage receptacle for your ammo (diameter up to 9mm) and slight movement of your finger on the bottom for quick release.
Keeping the slingshot in a vertical position you press the ammo release button which is in the bottom of the handle of the slingshot for the ammunition to drop out.
A one hand and one finger operation. Use your other hand to catch the ammo, load the slingshot and fire, so easy!

##  Never Draw The Sling Back To Your Eye  ##

  • Magic Slingshot
  • Moulded Pistol sure-grip handle
  • Handle Storage & Quick Release For Ammo
  • Shoots 3/8" (Up to 9mm) Steel Ammo
  • Side Sight
  • Solid steel frame
  • Sure Grip Handle
  • Extra-wide fork
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Durable leather release pouch
  • Approximate Weight 250 grams

##  We do not recommend the use of stones as they can cut the rubber  ##

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