Kontiki (Seahorse Adaptable) Strobe Light - Multi Purpose Buoy or Safety Cautious Light

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The Sea Light DYX-1 features a Red, White Strobe flash that can be seen up to a whopping 4 kilometers away. (Depending on Conditions)
Photo Sensor Activated, hence auto activation 'ON' at dusk, and off at 'DAWN'.
Requires 1 'D' Cell Alkaline battery.
With a flash rate (strobe) of every 1.5 seconds, a good quality alkaline battery will give a strobe life of up to 20 days.
100% WaterProof to a depth of 100 meters.
Lightweight and easy to install and use, a low cost safety device, that is simple to operate.
Excellent replacement strobe light for your Kontiki - Seahorse requires trimming of the side plastic knoblets
Can also be attached to longlines to find them at night.

Multi-purpose buoy marker light (geo-seismic research, fishing, etc) : also can be used to designate dangerous areas, construction and work areas, roadside emergencies or just used as a general distress marker

  • Photo sensitive strobe marker light
  • Photocell light activated “ON-OFF” control
  • White, Red Strobe Colour
  • Omni-directional 360º Beam
  • Visibility, High intensity strobe is visible up to 2.5 miles (4kms) condition depending
  • Xeon flash tube Lamp
  • Battery Alkaline “D” cell One (Not Included)
  • Battery Life 20 days
  • Flash Rate 1.5 sec successively
  • Waterproof 100 mtr
  • Strong, Impact Resistant ABS Resin Construction
  • Size 133x51mm
  • Weight 100 gm
  • Model DYX-1

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