Kids Rookie WARM Fleece Track Pants By Lonely Track


Size: 2 Year
Color: Olive
Sale price$39.99


Kids Rookie WARM Fleece Track Pants By Lonely Track OLIVE - Sizing 2yrs to 14yrs. Available in BLACK and OLIVE The Rookie Pants are the best for keeping your little one Warm.

From the old owners of the Ridgeline Brand, the Cameron family, they have brought to New Zealand the new clothing brand Lonely Track.
They have taken their local market knowledge, along with over 19 years of designing and marketing Ridgeline clothing to launch the superior quality Lonely Track Brand to New Zealander's who demand the best.

These Rookie pants are similar to Ridgeline's Tussock pants but made with thicker fleece for maximum warmth. * 275gsm micro fleece for the ultimate warmth and light weightness. Heavy warmth without the bulk and weight!

Designed with superior features, Drawstring, Elastic Waist - 2 x Zip Down side pockets (zipped down so while your playing / working out the zips cannot work themselves down and your prize possessions cannot fall out) - Elasticised cupped legs to keep the warmth in.

  • 275 GSM Micro Fleece
  • Dual side Zip DOWN pockets
  • Elasticised Cupped Legs
  • Colours Available BLACK or OLIVE
  • Sizing 2yrs to 14yrs

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