IMPS - Breakaway IMP2 - Miniature Combination Bait Clips (Clever Little Devils)

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The Imp is a clever little devil, and thats just what it is, a small neat bait clip that fits into the fast link and can be added or removed from rigs during fishing.

All Imps come with a Fast link as Well.
Easy to use with fool-proof hook release, excellent in flight stability and also offers bait protection during the cast.
They can be used with any type of sinker and full instructions are included.
Since their introduction the Imp has found fame in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the USA, because of this Breakaway have modified the fast link to make it stronger so it can cope with 50lb hook lengths and wire snoods.

The neatest bait clip available today fits into the fast link that is provided in the package. 
Can be added or removed from the rig at anytime, safe strong and 100% reliable.
Suitable for use in trapped swivel type rigs or Proper Pulley rigs (see video)
They are a miniature combination impact bait clip.
Simplifies rig construction, Fool-proof hook release, Offers bait protection, Excellent in-flight stability.
All Imps will be supplied with the Clip as shown.
Available in Pkts of 10

  • Miniature combination impact bait clip.
  • Simplifies rig construction.
  • Fool-proof hook release.
  • Offers bait protection.
  • Excellent in-flight stability.
  • Works with Breakaway Fastlink (supplied)
  • Excellent hook release upon impact
  • Quick and easy to install or remove from the rig
  • Will withstand 50lb hook lengths and wire snoods
  • Works with any fishing lead
  • Use to make wishbones, pulleys, loop, cascade and clipped down rigs
  • Instructions Included
  • Available in packet of 10

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