Impact Gel Ball Collapsible Bucket With Water Drain

Splat-R-BallSKU: 417002

Sale price$29.99


Impact gel ball bucket collapsible.

Makes and holds tens of thousands of gel balls and comes with an easy drain lid so you don't loose any balls! Comes with a handle for easy carry when it is filled with water. 

Pair this with the Impact 10,000 round gel ball packets found here

Note: The water based gel balls will grow to measure 7 to 7.5mm when submerged in water for a recommended timeIf gel balls are left to soak for too long in the water the gel balls may grow too large to function reliably in the gel blaster pistol. If this happens, exposure to light and gentle heat will help shrink them back to the recommended diameter of 7 to 7.5mm. 

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