Immersed Paua / Abalone Tool - Knife With Sheath & Leg Straps


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The Immersed Paua Dive Knife gets the job done properly with the least amount of effort.

It features a stainless steel blunt tip blade with a a serrated edge on one side and smooth axe edge on the other.
Plus, it also includes a nylon sheath with straps for easy access.
Perfect for collecting Paua (abalone)!

Dive Knife Large Paua Blade 8" / 19.5cms by Immersed.
A strong competitively priced diving knife / tool with a 19.5cm stainless blade.


  • Quality 420 Stainless Steel Blade
  • 8" Blade - 19.5cms
  • Offset chisel point.
  • Seratted edge on one side, Sharp cutting edge on the other.
  • Anti-slip Grip with hammer end
  • Webbing Cordura Sheath / pouch with belt loop and Velcro safety strap.
  • Rubber Leg straps
  • Overall length 33.5cm
  • Flat head will not harm the paua

Ideal gift for the diver in your house.

NOTE - Please use the following steps to protect your knife after use in salt water:

  1. Wash the knife with mild dish detergent
  2. Rinse the knife with tap water
  3. Wipe the knife with a dry, soft cloth 
  4. Treat the blade with a light coating of good quality oil. 
  5. Store the knife in a dry place.

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