Hinaki, Fyke, Dutch EEL Net

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Trap those slimy eels then smoke ’em up

The Eel Fyke is a 5 Funnel net with a lead in of over 2 metres. The total length is 4.3 metres with 15 sinkers and 5 floats. There are 3 traps throughout the funnels and then a tied off end so the eels can't escape. The super-efficient way to target eels.
This set net is 4.3m long and has five hoops.The eels are guided into the consecutively reducing hoops making their escape all but impossible. This net is well constructed yet exceptionally well priced. Made from tough nylon.


  • 3 x Traps 
  • 5 x Hoops / Funnels
  • Front Opening 400mm
  • Total Length: 4.3M
  • Lead in / Trap Length: 2.05M
  • 15 sinkers
  • 5 floats
  • Material: tough nylon
  • Commercial type with a 10 foot wing
  • Colour of Nylon may Vary

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