HAPUKA BOMB Sinker Moulds - 3 Size Options - Made in New Zealand

Size: Makes 2 per 4 & 8 & 1 x 12oz - Model 400
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These moulds are made out of the original Mansfield Sinker Moulds.

Mansfield Hapuka Bomb Sinker Mould is perfect for the DIY fishos who prefer to make their own bomb sinkers.
These are two-part moulds and are easy to use – simply clamp the two halves together and pour the lead to the size you would like. Presto!
These sinkers are designed to aerodynamically descend to the bottom in the shape to avoid snagging.
Flat sides prevent the sinker rolling on the bottom of the boat
There is no reason why you couldn't make one year supply of sinkers in one afternoon!

NOTE: There is an up to 7 Day Delivery Delay On Model 400 & 401 Moulds


  • Quality Mansfield Mould
  • Hapuka Bomb Style
  • 2 Part Moulds


  • 4, 8 & 12 oz, Makes 2 per 4 & 8 & 1 x 12  Sinker - Model 400
  • 25 oz, Makes 1 Sinker- Model 401
  • 32 oz, Makes 1 Sinker- Model 402 - Stocked

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