H&N Sport 'Baracuda Hunter Extreme' .177 Caliber Air Rifle Pellets / Slugs (Approx. 400 Count)

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Air gun pellet with tremendous shock effect

Hollow point pellets are intended for hunting.

H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme pellets go one step beyond traditional hollow points.
There are 4 deep notches, cross-shaped notches that clip the sides of the head, increases the mushrooming effect on impact, considerable and therefore, increases the transfers of energy to the target for much greater knock-down power.
The Deep, cross-shaped hollow tip for tremendous shock effect and rapid energy transfer.
Best aerodynamic properties for high accuracy.
This delivers a greater blow to your prey.
Heavy and exceptionally accurate, the Baracuda Hunter Extreme from H&N, hunting pellet for long ranges. 

Haendler & Natermann Sport Pellets
If you value the best in air gun pellets or if you're looking for one specific pellet for your air rifle or air pistol, then be sure to check out the line of H&N air gun pellets from Germany.
Made in Germany and used by the most knowledgeable and fussy airgun shooters.
H&N pellets come in 177 cal, 20 cal, 22 cal and 25 cal and in multiple head shapes and sizes. H&N pellets are top of the line in quality and consistency.

Air Gun Hunting

Performance and impact: H&N hunting pellets satisfy even the most demanding requirements from passionate air gun hunters.
They offer the ideal combination of accuracy and target impact – with very convincing value for money.

  • Model; Baracuda Hunter Extreme
  • Caliber; .177 (4.5mm)
  • Minimum Muzzle Energy 12 ft.lbs
  • Weight; Approx. 0.62 grams
  • 9.57 grains
  • Energy: ≥ 16 joules.
  • Hollow Point
  • Smooth
  • Quantity; Approx. 400
  • Made in Germany

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