Full Body Owl Decoy - 370mm With Bobble Head

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The great horned owl is one of nature's ultimate hunters; an aerial predator that strikes fear into the hearts of pigeons, crows, sparrows, seagulls, grackles, cormorants, vultures, rodents, rabbits and other small animals.

Keep your home and garden protected using Outdoor Outfitter's decoy Owl Bird Scarer.

This life-sized owl model is excellent for perching upon rooftops, around the garden and in common nesting areas to frighten birds, possums and other pests that are damaging your house or plants.
Stop nuisance critters entering your property day and night using this owl bird scarer.

These are great for attracting Magpie's.
Magpie's are very territorial they will attack the decoy giving you a great opportunity to shoot them.
With spot on posture and paint, this full plastic body owl is the perfect addition to any location required.
Bobble Head design so head moves in a breeze.


  • Life-like with enhanced realism
  • Life-size model
  • Custom-quality paint schemes
  • One piece design for easy setup and take down.
  • Bobble Head Design - Head Moves in a Breeze
  • Can be perched in problem areas around the house and garden
  • Will sit on a 4" (100mm) fence post
  • Lightweight
  • Plug Bottom - Can Fill With Sand or Gravel for Stabilisation
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Dimensions Approximately 370mm Tall
  • Perfect for scaring birds and other pests

 Why You Need An Owl Decoy

Replica plastic owls and fake owl decoys are one of the most commonly used bird scaring devices to scare pigeons and other pest species of birds from their perching and roosting sites, predominantly on buildings in town and city centre environments.
Fake owl decoys are normally mounted on roof areas where the product can be clearly seen by problem birds as they approach their roosting or perching areas.
Replica plastic owls are also often sited in key and sensitive areas on buildings where pigeons are causing specific problems.
These areas could be canopies in front of shops or railway stations, or possibly architectural features on period properties where pigeons are causing extreme problems as a result of soiling.

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