Fuel Tablets - 24 x Heaxamine Tablets - Smokeless, High Energy Output, By Coghlans

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For use with Coghlan’s Emergency Folding Stove and other brands of Solid Fuel Stoves. Solid Fuel Tablets For The Solid Fuel Stove. - ALSO Great Fire Starters!

A safe, clean burning fuel, easy to ignite, smokeless, odourless and non-toxic.

Coghlans Fuel Tablets x24

Coghlan’s spare fuel tablets are for use in solid fuel stoves or as fire and BBQ lighters.
The tablets are made of Hexamine, a safe clean burning fuel which is easy to light, is odourless, smokeless and non-poisonous.
One tablet will burn for 9 minutes, there are 24 tablets per box.
Burning multiple tablets will increase the heat and decrease cooking time.
What is more, these work Safely when used correctly, and they Don't Liquefy and Don't Leave any Ashes Behind!

No matter whether you are camping, hunting, hiking or in a survival situation, solid fuel tablets offer a quick and convenient way to cook food and boil water.
They’re ultra-lightweight, incredibly compact and perfectly paired with emergency stoves.
Perfect refuelling tablets for your folding stove.
These fuel tablets will burn for 9 minutes each at about 815° degrees Celsius.
This will bring water to a boil and allow you to cook food to its required temperature.

  • 24 tablets per box.

  • Easily lights with ordinary wooden matches, and can be extinguished and saved for reuse

  • Can also be used as a safe and easy-to-use fire-starter for campfires

  • Boil Times

    - 1 cup of water will boil with 2 fuel tablets in 3 minutes

    - 2 cups of water will boil with 2 fuel tablets in 5 minutes

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