Evolve Carbon Spearfishing Speed Pole Spear


Size: 6FT
Sale price$255.90


CS Breakdown Pole Spears stand for CARBON SPEED, the perfect weapon for hunting those speedy elusive reef fish.

Aerospace high strength carbon is light, yet durable and flies through the water with an exclusive Evolve 3-Prong so no escape for tonight’s dinner.

CS CARBON SPEED Breakdown Polespears are built for SPEED!  Produced using aerospace high strength Carbon they use solid carbon sections to provide a durable yet fast spear for the most elusive fish.

Add an extra small tail to convert your spear into different sizes or add an extra tail + band to use 2 or 3 shorter spears with your family and friends. Longer spear configurations great for clearer water or when you need more distance, while shorter spears are perfect for hunting in reefs and holes or knockin the wits out of invasive lionfish!

100% solid carbon sections with aerospace aluminium fittings ensure durability and allows customisation of not only lengths but of various spear tips as well. 

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