Evolve Aftershock Pole Fishing Spear


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We are stoked to bring you the Evolve AfterShock patent pending technology giving you a 2ND CHANCE to further penetrate your prongs, barbs, floppers or slip tips deeper through your prey!  

Skillfully machined using aerospace stainless steel, 7075 hard anodised aluminium and T700 carbon. Available in 2 sizes, AS 9ft & AS 8ft. All spears come with our exclusive Carbon Steel HD 3-Prongs and USA-Made Dura-Bands.  

Blast through your target and increase your chance of a successful catch upon impact!  AfterShock mechanism releases a second hammer on impact stunning your prey with a second BANG!  The second BANG then drives your tips deeper or completely through your prey, bringing home dinner tonight!

AfterShock SPEED travel spears breakdown into 3 sections not including tip.  Removing the AfterShock section enables you to use as a lighter spear for smaller reef fish.

Flopper heads and slip tips available to increase your versatility for different diving conditions and species.

Available in Purple only

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