Emergency Folding Stove With Set of 24 Fuel Tablets

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This Folding Stove is a light, durable, and compact cooking platform that is perfect for mess kits, backpacking, and emergency situations.
Black stainless construction, extremely lightweight solid fuel stove.
Legs fold flat for easy storage.

This folding stove packs to an incredibly small size and can be used in emergency kits or just for doing a brew when hiking or fishing.
The stove has 2 open positions which will accommodate most camping and hiking cookware.

With this cooker, you can utilise a range of solid fuels including Hexamine, Trioxane or Sterno®. Supplied with 24 fuel tabs for use straight out of the pack.
1 tablet burns for 9 minutes, stack multiple together to increase heat or offset windy conditions.

Boil Times
– 1 cup of water will boil with 2 fuel tablets in 3 minutes
– 2 cups of water will boil with 2 fuel tablets in 5 minutes

Burning multiple tablets will increase the heat and decrease cooking time.
What is more, these work Safely when used correctly, they Don’t Liquefy and Don’t Leave any Ashes Behind!

Available By Order - Delivery Delay of Approximately 7 Days

  • Legs fold flat for easy storage.
  • 2 Unfolded positions to accommodate most cooking utensils
  • 1 tablet burns for 9 minutes
  • Can be used with multiple fuels, including bio fuels
  • Stand on level, non-flammable surface when in use
  • Black stainless construction.
  • Size Open – L x W x D: 114 mm x 95 mm x 70 mm
  • Closed – L x W x D: 114 mm x 95 mm x 25 mm
  • Weight 108 g


Package Contents 
  • 1 x Stove
  • 24 x Fuel Tablets

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