Dutch / Camp Oven - Aluminium 32cm Ideal For The Campsite

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Cast aluminum 32cm diameter cooking pot, commonly called a 'Dutch' or 'Campoven'.

Perfect for Stewing, Boiling, Casseroles and Steaming.
A Very Durable Heat Resistant Cooker

  • ⅓ the weight of a Cast Iron version 
  • Rust Free Aluminium
  • Easy Clean
  • Caldero Pot with quick and even heat transmission.
  • 99.9 100% Handmade Cast Aluminum Caldero Pot.
  • 99.8% New Zealand Food Grade Aluminium.(SI<3%)
  • 32cm x 13.5cm 22 litre
  • Gravity Casting design
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DEFINITION of Dutch Oven / Camp Oven

A covered earthenware, cast-iron, aluminium container for cooking casseroles.
Large cooking pot or metal box serving as a simple oven, heated by being placed under or next to hot coals.
Brick or clay oven traditionally built into the side of a kitchen hearth or as a free-standing structure outside a house.
Thick-walled cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid.
Dutch ovens have been used as cooking vessels for hundreds of years.
Called casserole dishes in English-speaking countries other than the United States (casserole means "pot" in French), and cocottes in French.
Similar to both the Japanese tetsunabe and the sač, a traditional Balkan cast-iron oven, and are related to the South African potjiekos, the Australian Bedourie oven and Spanish cazuela.

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