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The Big Green Hand Thrower is the best deal on a hand thrower.
Load this Clay Target with standard 108mm targets and let them fly.
Makes throwing your clays a breeze.
Easy to use and load.
Works with both left and right handed people.
Once you start using it, everyone will want a turn.
So if you’re trying to get some practice in for duck season, or teaching anybody to shoot, this would be the ideal way to get into it.
Low Cost and a huge amount of fun


  1. To load, align target with opening and roll target into place.
  2. Next, hold the handle with palm facing inward to the back of thrower and fingers gripping indentations
    in front of the handle.
  3. Stand at a 45° angle from intended direction of throw
  4. Swing through, much like you would a tennis racket
  5. The only thing left to do is throw the clay!
  • Made of flexible green plastic
  • Throw left or right handed
  • Easiest and least expensive way to throw standard target clay targets (108mm)
  • Clay Type: Standard 108mm
  • Style: Hand Thrower

* Length: 195mm
* Width: 140mm
* Thickness: 25mm
* Weight: 200 grams

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