CDX Lures RIG-EM 7cm Rigs Scented Single Tail 'Orange Tails' - Gurnard Love-em!

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The CDX Rig-Em Lures - Single Tail 7cm is a pack of natural looking soft jigs.

Each jig pack includes 3 orange tails on a 7cm length jig.

This Colour Nick Named 'Orange Tails' are absolutely loved by Gurnard. Buy 1 packet go for the bulk deal of 10 packets.

The rig is designed to match the natural movement of squid and are effective in bringing in all species of fish.
The fish catching ability of the Jig-Em rig is widely known amongst the fishing community and has claimed fish such as gurnard, flathead, dolphin fish, Coral trout, Mackerel, Salmon and many other species.
Jig-em rigs come rigged with 3 baits, hooks and trace... ready to be tied to your main line & fished!

Due to the versatility of the range they can be fished in numerous ways in unlimited conditions.
The classic way of fishing the Jig-Em rigs was to attach a snapper sinker and let the rig drop to the bottom, once on the bottom use a jerking action to give the lures action.

However with the introduction of soft baits such as prawn, stick bait and shad the Jig-Em Rigs can be fished
mid water, slow trolled or even retrieved slowly along the bottom.

  • Natural looking soft jigs
  • Scented for added attraction
  • Realistic movement
  • Perfect for all estuarine and offshore species
  • 7cm Rig
  • Packet of 3 baits, hooks and trace rigged 7cm
  • Suicide Style 5/0 Hook
  • Colour Code JRST07-FRCH
  • Life-like colour

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