BushMan Plus 80% DEET Personal Insect Repellant 75 grams

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A versatile, universal and highly effective range of insect repellents.
It is suitable for every member of the family, and fine for anyone with sensitive skin.
With unique time-release properties it continues to protect against insects when other-brands resistance would have faded.

With up to 7 hours* protection from one single application, Bushman stands out as the most effective, longest lasting insect repellent available.

Scottish Midges Mosquitoes
Sandflies Ticks
Leeches Sand Fleas
No-See-Ums March-flies
Horse flies Bird Lice
Stable-flies Black-flies
Gnats Fleas
Deer Flies

Featuring sun screen makes Bushman Plus the complete solution for everyone.

Because of its sweat, water and rub resistant it's great for exercise, warmer climates, holidays and outdoor activities.

  • 80% DEET
  • Up to 12 hours protection
  • In-built sunscreen
  • Water, Sweat & Rub resistant
  • Pleasant neutral odour
  • Unique time release protection
  • 75g Gel tube
Is the active ingredient in Insect Repellants.
Bushman has been specially formulatedto Neutralise the smell of Deetand remove the colour to now be invisible and Non Greasy!

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