Black Swan Decoy 2 Piece Pack - 1 Upright, 1 Tilted Head 340mm Length Each

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Entice more Black Swans to your pond this shooting season with NEW Quality Decoys At Craftys Low Price!

Box of 2 Swan Decoys 34" (860mm) Length each.

You have your shotgun; ammo and field clothing now make your campaign against the ducks complete with this 860mm Decoy.

These Black Swan decoys have a 2 piece construction, removable head and a vacuum bottom which allows for use on land and water.

The decoy measures 34" from breast to tail and sits 18" tall at the head.

 NOTE; Seasonal Stock (Duck Shooting)


  • Detachable Head
  • Made Out Of Durable Plastic
  • Fantastic Paintwork
  • Eyelets For Decoy Cord
  • Size: 860mm (34") in Length
  • Height 460mm (18") Tall at the head
  • Box Contents 2 x Swans

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