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In the early 1980's cave divers were in need of small, line-cutting devices. Since the application was strictly for cutting lines, they looked to other sports and adopted the parachute line cutter known as a Z-Knife.

The Z-knife was a protected blade stored away in a pouch. Today, the pouches have evolved, but the knife is still the same one parachutists' use to cut away a chute.

Sharper than a dive knife, the Z-Knife is preferred for cutting through mono-filament and braid line. Compact and easy to stow, the Z-Knife is available in a webbing sheath that offers various connection options. A quick-release Velcro tab holds the knife firmly in place.

Technical Info

  • 440 grade stainless steel (total length is 12.5 cm - blade is 5.5cm)
  • Nylon webbing pouch (9cm high x 6.5cm wide)

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