Atlantis Spree Evo Snorkeling Full Face Mask

AtlantisSKU: 167002

Size: S-M
Sale price$99.90


If you thought snorkelling wasn’t for you, perhaps you’ve just been using the wrong type of snorkel. The Evo Spree full face snorkel mask is a revolutionary new mask.

It solves a number of issues caused by normal snorkels, opening up a whole new world for both snorkelling noobs and pros.

Uncomfortable breathing? No worries, you can breathe both through your nose and mouth with the full face snorkel. Twin channel design to avoid any CO2 build up. 

Choking on water? Not a problem – the full face snorkel mask has a sealed air valve to prevent water from entering the snorkel.

Foggy mask? with an anti-fog design that gives you crystal clear vision both in and out of the water. Is snorkelling starting to sound a little more doable now?

The Evo comes with a flat lens and panoramic view for an enhanced experience, and detachable GoPro mount for awesome photos and videos.

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