Atlantis Legacy G20 3mm Kevlar Gloves

Size: XSmall
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Bristling with no compromising kevlar toughness - ideal for grabbing crayfish or serious commercial work.

Features include:

  • Made from tough high quality 3.0mm "CR" neoprene. NOTE: be wary of buying gloves made by "SVR" (polyester) neoprene which is cheaper but is not as durable, or as warm as "CR".  "SVR" is also highly flammable!
  • Incorporating strong impregnated Kevlar material on palm and fingers for the ultimate in durability to wear areas.
  • Additional panel shaping to increase feel and comfort.
  • Seams are glued and stitched for extra durability.
  • Extra long wrist area with Velcro wrist strap for secure fit.

To find your size, please measure your hand from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist as shown.

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