AJP Universal Game Caller Deluxe With Remote

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This deluxe Caller uses the same Wireless Remote and Blue labelled sound cards as the earlier Standard model Caller for easier upgrade. This deluxe model has 2 sound card slots.

A key benefit with the wireless remote when hunting/filming or photographing animals, they will always come direct to the source of the sound. By placing the main hand unit at a distance, this will enable you a better look at the approaching animals. This is also a great SAFETY feature.

• Larger Speaker: 75mm
• 15 volume control levels
• Volume Output: 120+ decibels (no need to use any accessory Amplifier)
• Two x Interchangeable sound cards slots = 10 recordings
• Operates on 4 x AA batteries for extra longevity (not supplied)
• Alternative DC 6-12V DC power socket
• New STOP button design: features STOP/PAUSE.

Wireless Remote Control Features:
• Five play back buttons
• Volume UP/DOWN buttons
• STOP button
• Remote Controller distance from 8 to 100 metres line of sight
• Operates on 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied)
• Lanyard hole on back for carrying
• Small Palm Size/lightweight

NB: Game Caller does not include a sound card. All cards sold separately.

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