AJ Productions Sound Card Sika Deer


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Simply Fit This Sound Card In To Our AJ Productions Electronic Universal Game Caller and Press The Button, Animals Will Always Come Direct To The Source Of The Sound, Remember 'Curiosity Killed The Cat!'

SIKA DEER CARD FEATURES - (Many Others Available)

  • Single Call;
  • He - Haw Call;
  • Stag Mew;
  • Spiker Call;
  • Fawn Call;

ATTENTION: - Yellow Is For The New Model Unit

Game Caller Owners - When purchasing additional sound cards, please note the colour of the sticker label on your sound card.


If it is white you will need to email us requesting a white labelled sound card.


  1. Red Deer: stag roar; stag roar 2; stag grunt; hind call; fawn call
  2. Red Deer 2: stag basic moan; stag half roar; stag full roar; stag grunts; hind call
  3. Sika Deer: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; spiker call; fawn call
  4. Sika Deer 2: single call; he-haw call; stag mew; yak yak call; hind/fawn call
  5. Wapiti (ELK): location bugle; bugle; cow mews; estrus cow calls; estrus scream
  6. Fallow/Rusa combo; fallow buck grunt; fallow doe call; fallow fawn call; rusa stag roar; rusa hind call.
  7. NZ Pest Card: Magpie; Rook; Spur-Winged Plover; Canadian Geese; Rabbit Distress
  8. Canadian Geese/ Paradise duck combo: geese hail call; geese greeting; geese finishing sequence; geese comeback; paradise duck call
  9. Mallard Duck: hail call; greeting call; clucks & quacks; the paralyser; duck flock
  10. Feral Goat: adult goat; adult goat 1; adult goat 2; goat in heat; kid goat call
  11. FOX: fox call; vixen; fox cubs; rabbit; hare
  12. Sambar/Fallow Combo: sambar calf call; sambar communication; sambar oestrus call; fallow buck grunt; fallow doe call
  13. Whitetail Deer: buck trail grunt; adult blat; estrus blat; fawn feeding bleat; alarm distress snort.
  14. Upland Gamebird: Cock Pheasant; Quail chi-ca-go call; quail advertisement call; quail assembly call; bob white quail.
  15. Wild Dog: location howl; 2 – dog location call; 2 – dogs excited howl; predator call 1; predator call 2


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